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How to choose stainless steel?

How to choose stainless steel?

Many of my customers, when they purchased stainless steel materials, failed to accurately describe the stainless steel materials they needed with the stainless steel supplier, resulting in time and economic losses. In this article, Yaoyi Stainless Steel will tell you again Tell me about the parameters to buy stainless steel materials.  The corrosion resistance of […]

What is the purpose of passivation stainless steel?

A few days ago, my client asked me a question. He said, “Ewan, I want your stainless steel coil to be resistant to acid and alkali and 700 degrees. Can you do it?” I answered him: “Of course you can. I passivate the product I sell to you so that it can meet your requirements.” […]

Cold roll vs hot roll

cold roll vs hot roll

There are many kinds of cold-rolled stainless steel finishes, of which 2B and BA are the two main surfaces. So what do 2B and BA mean? They refer to different types of cold-rolled surface treatment processes. Among them, the formation of 2B is cold rolling-annealing and pickling-smoothing, and the formation of BA is cold rolling-bright […]

What is cold roll steel used for?

cold roll steel

Cold roll steel are made from hot-rolled coils and rolled at room temperature below the recrystallization temperature, including plates and coils. Among them, the sheet delivered in a sheet is called a steel plate, also called a box plate or a flat plate; the length is long, and the sheet delivered in a roll is […]

Various stainless steel chemical composition standards

stainless steel strip

SUS301 stainless steel grade 1Cr17Ni7; chemical composition of 301 stainless steel% C: ≤0.15, Si: ≤1.0, Mn: ≤2.0, Cr: 16.0 to 18.0, Ni: 6.0-8.0, S: ≤0.03, P: ≤0.045 SUS304 stainless steel grade: 0Cr18Ni9 (0Cr19Ni9); chemical composition of 304 stainless steel% C: ≤0.08, Si: ≤1.0, Mn: ≤2.0, Cr: 18.0 ~ 20.0, Ni: 8.0 ~ 10.0, S: ≤0.03, […]

What stainless steel is magnetic

which stainless steel is magnetic

People often think that magnets adsorb stainless steel, verify its pros and cons and authenticity, do not absorb non-magnetic, think it is good, the goods are genuine; if the attractor is magnetic, it is considered a counterfeit fake. In fact, this is an extremely one-sided, unrealistic way of distinguishing mistakes. There are many types of […]

How stainless steel is made

how stainless steel is made? There are currently three methods for stainless steel smelting in the world. One step method Principle: that is, electric furnace one step smelting stainless steel. The stainless steel is mainly produced by the electric arc furnace by the return oxygen blowing method. The oxidizing and exothermic of the alloy element […]

What stainless steel is food grade

food grade stainless steel

Food grade stainless steel refers to the part of food machinery that comes into contact with food and must meet certain food safety requirements. Because the food production process uses a lot of acid and alkali, and stainless steel contains chromium, unqualified stainless steel, will dissolve all kinds of chromium, toxic; and it is required […]

Why does stainless steel not rust?

stainless steel strip

All metals react with oxygen in the atmosphere to form an oxide film on the surface. Unfortunately, the iron oxide formed on ordinary carbon steel continues to oxidize, causing the rust to expand and eventually form pores. The carbon steel surface can be ensured by electroplating with paint or oxidation resistant metals (e.g., zinc, nickel, […]

200 series stainless steel development prospects

stainless steel factory

200 series stainless steel is an internationally popular name, also known in China as chrome-manganese stainless steel or manganese-based stainless steel or high-manganese low-nickel austenitic stainless steel. Stainless steel is classified into ferritic stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel, martensitic stainless steel, duplex (ferritic-austenitic) stainless steel and precipitation hardening or age hardening stainless steel according to […]