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Many of my customers, when they purchased stainless steel materials, failed to accurately describe the stainless steel materials they needed with the stainless steel supplier, resulting in time and economic losses. In this article, Yaoyi Stainless Steel will tell you again Tell me about the parameters to buy stainless steel materials. 

The corrosion resistance of stainless steel is conditional. One kind of stainless steel is resistant to corrosion in one medium and may be damaged in hours in another medium. At the same time, the corrosion resistance of stainless steel is also relative. So far, no stainless steel is non-corrosive, and no stainless steel is corrosion-resistant in all environments. The following is a brief introduction to the factors considered in stainless steel material selection:


1. Corrosion resistance

Consider the corrosion resistance requirements of different steel types in different corrosive media, etc.


2. Mechanical properties and physical properties

Including strength, hardness, plasticity, toughness, fatigue characteristics, etc.


3. The process performance

Various cold bending, cold, hot top break, welding performance, stamping performance


4. Resources, prices, and supply

Consider price, economy, etc.


The Finally: Allow me to introduce my company: Ningbo Yaoyi Stainless Steel Co. Ltd. was founded in 1996. Yaoyi covers an area of 50 acres, and near the Ningbo airport. Over the years, the company mainly produces and sells different kinds of stainless steel coils, tubes, and sheets. It also independently developed one kind of high tensile non-magnetic stainless steel-Y1 and one kind of hard magnetic stainless steel-Y6. Also, other products like SUS 201, 202, 301, 301Ni7, 304 and 316 and so on.

So, there is a demand for stainless steel, please contact me!

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