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Cold roll steel are made from hot-rolled coils and rolled at room temperature below the recrystallization temperature, including plates and coils. Among them, the sheet delivered in a sheet is called a steel plate, also called a box plate or a flat plate; the length is long, and the sheet delivered in a roll is called a steel strip, also called a coil plate.

cold rolled steel properties:

  1. Good stretchability and toughness, but the price is more expensive;
  2. Cold roll steel surface has no oxide scale and good quality;
  3. Cold rolling is generally used to produce strip, and its rolling speed is high;
  4. Cold rolling has higher thickness accuracy than hot rolling, and mechanical properties and surface are all above hot rolling;
  5. Cold rolled plate has a certain degree of work hardening and low toughness, but can achieve a good yield ratio for cold bending spring leaf and other parts;
  6. Because the yield point of the cold plate is closer to the tensile strength, the danger is not foreseen during use, and accidents are likely to occur when the load exceeds the allowable load.
  7. The surface of the cold-rolled plate that is not plated is gray.
  8. The smoothness of the cold roll steel can be higher than that of the hot roll steel plate after electroplating.

201 is one of the main members of the stainless steel family, with huge output and circulation. J1, as a “sibling brother” of 201, is a copper-containing material of 201. series.

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