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Cold roll vs hot roll

cold roll vs hot roll

There are many kinds of cold-rolled stainless steel finishes, of which 2B and BA are the two main surfaces. So what do 2B and BA mean? They refer to different types of cold-rolled surface treatment processes. Among them, the formation of 2B is cold rolling-annealing and pickling-smoothing, and the formation of BA is cold rolling-bright […]

What stainless steel is magnetic

which stainless steel is magnetic

People often think that magnets adsorb stainless steel, verify its pros and cons and authenticity, do not absorb non-magnetic, think it is good, the goods are genuine; if the attractor is magnetic, it is considered a counterfeit fake. In fact, this is an extremely one-sided, unrealistic way of distinguishing mistakes. There are many types of […]

What stainless steel is food grade

food grade stainless steel

Food grade stainless steel refers to the part of food machinery that comes into contact with food and must meet certain food safety requirements. Because the food production process uses a lot of acid and alkali, and stainless steel contains chromium, unqualified stainless steel, will dissolve all kinds of chromium, toxic; and it is required […]